Click for Original Article I’ve never found a country so hard to describe as India is. I went through frequent periods of absolutely loving it mixed with periods of extreme frustration and stress. It’s also one of the few countries I wouldn’t recommend to someone who hasn’t had much travel experience. However, knowing the ins… Read More

Safety in Cambodia by Michael Turtle Roadside robberies, druggings, extortion and blackmail. They’re the kind of things to put any wary traveller off a destination but they’re also the things you’re more likely to expect from South or Central America than Asia. But recently I’ve been hearing reports of an increase in crime in one… Read More

Lazy Beach on Koh Rong Samoloem, or, paradise found.  When the sun rises over Angkor Wat, it’s easy to understand why the citizens of the ancient city of Angkor considered their leaders to be gods. The rising sun reflects off the massive stone temple complex and the thick green jungle that surrounds it, creating awesome… Read More